FM perfume: A honest review

Before having my son I used to love wearing a good spritz of perfume and splashing out for those designer names. Everyday without fail I’d spritz some on as part of my morning routine.

Once I had Evan that all changed. I didn’t want the strong smells of my perfume to impact on my attempts to breastfeed or establish a strong bond with my new born baby. Now those new born days finished (and we’ve still got 4 months until we start the restart going through the baby phase again). My days of wearing perfume and smelling like a dream are back.

Before having children I wouldn’t think twice in splurging the cash for a designer perfume of choice. But, the problem now is the price tag makes me think twice. Wasn’t a problem in my pre-child days but with a baby on the way and a toddler in tow it suddenly seems a big expense.

FM perfume

I’d seen people posting on instagram about selling these perfumes that shared similar notes to those designer scents I used to love but at a much more affordable price. Usually, when things seems too good to be true, it’s for a very good reason so I completely dismissed them and carried on as normal. A while passed and I was just sat watching the fabulous Stacey Solomon’s Instagram stories and there in the background were these FM perfumes. Well if it’s good enough for Stacey they are definitely good enough for me to try. So that’s what I did.

A lovely girl on Instagram was selling them and as a loyal follower I placed an order for 3 totals whilst she was running a promotional offer. That order consisted of 2 ‘pure’ fragrances and 1 ‘royal’. They both consist of 20% fragrances oil and claimed to last a minimum of 6 hours. With a total cost of £51.70 (including postage) – what a bargain! I’d been know to spend that quite easily on 1 bottle previously and now I had 3 and could pair the scent to my outfit of the day. We all know an outfit isn’t complete without a spritz of a fragrance to compliment.

Pure Royal perfume

I ordered

No. 426 (pure) – similar to Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million Gold

No. 20 (pure) – similar to Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb

No. 366 (royal) – similar to YSL’s Black Opium

They arrived so quick. The branding, packaging and bottle designs are very basic and simple in comparison to the designer brands but I personally like the simplicity and elegance that it embraces – it’s quite ‘no fuss’ like myself.


The actual perfume itself was incredible as well. The scents were definitely close to the designer inspirations and like the expensive options the fragrances lasts the whole day. Overall, I was really impressed the scents are lovely, they don’t fade like some of the other cheaper alternative perfumes. I definitely will continue to wear FM perfumes as my daily go to as it gives me the perfect balance of lovely scent without the mum guilt of over spending on myself.

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