It’s the little things – lockdown valentines ideas

I never thought I of all people would be advocating for Valentines Day. Normally, it is not a holiday that Dennis and I celebrate, but with March marking the 1 year anniversary since Covid-19 sent us into some form of national lockdown, I feel this is the year we need to sprinkle the love around like confetti!

This year will be different to the previous. The shops are shut, our favourite restaurants aren’t open and neither are all entertainment venues or bars. But, what isn’t shut, is our love and creativity. This is the year to not get caught up with commercial gimmicks but to think outside the box.

Lets embrace and overcome these hurdles so we can make this lockdown Valentines Day the best one yet. To help you fill that brief, here are some ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day and night, which guarantees to make it special.

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Firstly, set the tone for the day! Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than bringing your partner their favourite breakfast in bed.

Now for the rest of the day/evening:

Go for a romantic walk – beauty can be found everywhere! Hold hands and find romance and beauty in all that is around you. PS don’t forget to stop and bring out the bubbly or hot choc!

Leave post-it notes around with house with all the reasons you love your partner – this is in an inexpensive way to share the love, but one that is guaranteed to make them melt! Grab a sharpie, some post it notes and go crazy! It could be memories, body parts, character attributes…go wild!

Scavenger hunt – Again, inexpensive but highly effective. All this takes is sometime and thought. Set a scavenger hunt throughout the house. This could be riddles for your partner to solve, quiz questions to answer, where all the answers compile a special message to your loved one.

Use your outdoor space – What is more romantic than snuggling up and looking at the stars! Turn on your BBQ or light your chimenea, fetch some blankets, put those fairy lights back up and get cosy for the evening.

Home cinema – If you don’t already own a projector now is the moment to invest (not only can you make your own, personal home cinema experience now but you’ll manage to get hours of peace from the kids in the future). Connect it up, put on your partner favourite film, light some candles, open the wine, get the popcorn and enjoy!

A travel date – Okay, I know travel is off the table currently, but that is not an excuse not to bring travel home. Where have you and your partner always wanted to go? Make their cuisine, play for authentic music, even make some of their local cocktails (e.g. sangria for Spain), dress the room and bring the continental to you!

Home spa evening – if you and your partner prefer the ‘relax and unwind’ vibes and would usually opt for a spa visit or treatment, a great lockdown Valentines Day idea is bringing the spa to you! Get the facemasks in, treat yourself/partner/both of you to a new skin care set, get the massage oils out…you get the idea. Dim the lights, put some relaxing music on and embrace the evening ahead.

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Cook together – a great way to enjoy your partner is to spend time with them one on one. There is no better place for this than in the kitchen. They do say the best way to someone’s heart is through food…

Gifts – You can always order online however to fully embrace this homemade lockdown why don’t you try baking up your partners favourite treats. Don’t worry if you’re not the best baker the effort and thought will win you some major brownie points – plus who doesn’t love a sweet treat.

Dress to impress – Just because you’re not going out, it doesn’t mean you get a free pass to wear you PJs. Make the effort and dress for the special night you have planned ahead.

Now you have some ideas, getting planning and make this a Valentines Day to remember and share that love.

16 thoughts on “It’s the little things – lockdown valentines ideas

  1. This is really amazing. You know, I was struggling to come up with ideas for this valentine’s day and almost decided to put it off till next year. This post has given me some great ideas. To add to the travel date suggestion you made, if you guys have VR you can take a VR trip. This is something I did recently with babe. We “visited” Japan and then claimed the Alps.

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