Why I want a home birth for #2

Would you consider home birth? What are your thoughts surrounding them?

When we fell pregnant with number 2 in 2020 we were partway through the coronavirus pandemic. We have been incredibly fortunate that Dennis has been able to attend both of our scans. More so, that he now has permission to attend all future pregnancy-related appointments. But it did change how we viewed and evaluated our options.

When at work, a client of Dennis’ (a midwife) was talking about home births and this is what planted the seed!

Frankly, it was not even on my radar until that point. But after much discussion (and research on my part) we felt it benefitted our family this time around.

You may be pregnant and weighing up your choices, or just curious as to why someone would want this birth option, (I know for my first birth it wasn’t even an idea that I would even contemplate), either way, I thought I’d share our thought process and whys with you.

And no…I did not watch ‘call the midwife’ and decide I wanted to re-enact one of their scenes.

I am a self proclaimed planner and with Covid-19 changing policies and protocols, quickly and regularly, I felt by opting for a home birth I was taking back as much control as possible for the birth of our little girl. I’d be at home with my home comforts, we’d have less exposure of coming in contact with someone with coronavirus and in turn that would keep me less stressed.

Another major factor is that I need to know Dennis will be there, from the start of labour to the point of pushing (sorry if too much TMI). I have so much respect and am in awe of the many women who either had to labour alone or couldn’t have the partner/birthing partner there for the whole experience. I don’t think I could have done it. He was my greatest support in Evans labour and birth and I need him again!

So although they were the main reasons, there were other factors that played a role. So what with being a ‘planner’, I didn’t plan this well…as it stands there are 5 days between Evans 3rd birthday and our due date. So by considering a home birth I am hopeful that I can remove the possibility of missing his birthday and can guarantee we can celebrate together as a family.

Of course, it wasn’t just about deciding on what we wanted selfishly. Before any decisions could be made a lot of research was completed. Initially, this started in the form of hearing others personal experiences and stories. As well as hearing quite a few opinions of a differing nature and understanding the other perspective. Truthfully, it has shown to be quite a controversial choice, but one that has many truly beautiful and safe stories attached.

Here are some of the pro’s of a home birth that I have learnt:

  1. By being in a familiar surrounding it can increase you confidence during labour.
  2. Statistic show there is less need for medical intervention.
  3. There is tendency for a better relationship to be built with the midwife.
  4. You are in control of your labour – you can control the settings – setting the music, aromatherapy, having access to a birthing pool (if you’ve chosen one) without the risk of it being used by someone else.
  5. It takes away the stresses and worries of arranging child or pet care – you don’t have to worry about uprooting them and causing possible upset with separation.
  6. You can start you recover straight away in the comfort of your own home – you won’t have the background noise of others within the ward, the lights of the hospital and limited food choices. For me, I can’t wait for the luxury of being able to curl up in my own bed at the end of day.

There were the negatives to consider as well, such as reasons that require being moved to the hospital if my pregnancy becomes risky or there were concerns during labour. The mess of giving birth. Possibility of making a bit of noise and disturbing neighbours (especially if like us you live in a terrace house). But, we felt overall the benefits of remaining at home outweighed the cons.

I hope you can see our view and why this is our preferred option this time around. We have the full backing of our midwife and are always checking to make sure this is remaining a suitable and safe option for us all. And if this was ever to change I would follow their recommendations.

If you’d like further information surrounding home birth pros and cons NCT and BabyCenter have some really helpful and useful information.

P.S I will share my future birth story with you and share if it went to plan. Was it a positive experience? And all the details that I’m sure you’re keen to know..so watch this space.

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