Toddler learning activity pack – why you need one!

If like me, you want the best for your child’s educational needs, but don’t know how to do this, you’ll want to read about these packs.

I love being Evan’s mum and strive to raise him to become the best version of himself, but this has its own challenges. I am no early years expert and currently, Evan doesn’t attend any formal childcare settings. How do I know if he is reaching the milestone he should be? How can I support his educational needs? How do we ensure he is not falling behind other children of a similar age?

These thoughts have been circling my mind a lot recently. Evan recently had his 2 years 8-month health check and it highlighted areas of his development that required work. For him, it was surrounding his fine motor skills primarily. As it stands he cannot hold a pen/pencil properly and due to this has no control when it comes to drawing lines or shapes. Okay, great. Now I know what needs focus, I just need to find the best way to support this, whilst ensuring it remains fun and that can engage with my toddler.

We tried many methods – trying to get him to copy either myself or Dennis. Making drawing and colouring a later part of the day. But, nothing would engage him long enough.

So, you can imagine my relief when I found Made by Ebb’s Etsy shop and Instagram page. This woman is a genius. She has taken the struggle of discovering an engaging and educational way to interact with your toddler and puts them together in a cute little activity pack.

The packs are all handmade and personalised to your child. You can choose the theme that best suits your child’s interest which includes, monkey, bee, ladybird or dinosaur (like we did), and then include 6 different activities to help your child learn.

The pages are broken down into their ‘name’ – This is on a lamented page and will encourage your child to learn to trace their name and start recognising the letters used to spell it. A tracing activity, encouraging your child to follow the line to reach the dinosaur (in our case) at the end.

The remaining 4 activity pages are interactive in various way. They are all laminated velcro pages that teach shapes numbers, counting and colours.

Picture of Evan matching shapres
Evan learning and matching the shapes

The pages are lovely. They are colourful. I love that the theme and packs are personalised to your child. Evan is so proud of his and keeps reminding me that it is Evan’s, and mummy is not to touch. By being laminated it is easy to clean and fully protected from those messy accidents and spills that toddlers can have. The pack is also double-sided. This is probably one of the best features if offers (from a parental perspective) as there are fewer elements for us to lose.

Evan matching the colours
Evan matching the colours

Like I said what isn’t to love! And, all of this is £7.50 plus P&P it’s a bargain. It’s definitely amongst our favourite toddler activities now in our house.

Ebony the owner is also constantly developing the range and has recently bought out a customisable morning and evening interactive routine chart. This woman thinks of it all! I know I will be ordering more and support her small business. Plus, she not only does sell educational activities, but Ebony also has the parents covered too. I definitely will be placing an order for her ‘you got this mama bundle’ for myself.

8 thoughts on “Toddler learning activity pack – why you need one!

  1. At the present moment I think most parents would appreciate this. The more activities we give to our kids, the more they learn and the more they get occupied. That means more free time for the parents. Yay.

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    1. I completely agree. It engages him and it offers the luxury of being to be involved if you choose, whilst also allowing your child to independently learn…giving a welcome break to any parent


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