I’ve morphed into a monster – thanks hormones!

Hormones are the worst! What is the pregnant version of a bridezilla? Because I am the living breathing embodiment currently.

I am flitting between crying at the drop of a hat to having an attitude of a pubescent teenager…and don’t even get me started on my resting b***h face that I current model daily. How is it even possible to be simultaneously this sentimental and ragey at the same time?

Is there a point this side of the due date where I will go back to ‘normal’? If not I feel so sorry for Dennis…sorry babe, just another 3 months of this.

And, as if it couldn’t get worse, apparently this is completely normal! I know my current imbalanced state has been really testing for Dennis. Hats off, he is tolerating me exceptionally well.

So, why am I telling you this? I want to always be open and honest, by sharing in the highs and lows of all aspects of my life. I feel like I am a very ‘average’ girl, and if I feel a certain way, maybe others do too. So, maybe me sharing this, lets you know you are not alone. Maybe, it allows you yo prove to your partner that actually, your mood swings are not that bad in grand old schemes of things.

Some of my worst moments

Whatever the reason here are some of my more shameful outbursts:

  • I cried because I could no longer see my feet. Why that warranted tears I’ll never understand. But, at the moment I felt like they have vanished. Irrational, I know!
  • I give Gordan Ramsey a run for his money with my potty mouth currently. Not my finest moments, but when your driving and you get cut up all the profanities come tumbling out.
  • Dennis can do no right. Only, earlier today, I snapped at him for wanting to pack a waterproof all in one as we were taking our son to the park. This was, of course, a completely reasonable request – it’s wet and cold at the moment – but at the time I may not have taken the suggestion well. I slammed the front door trudging back to the house to find, stomped around and then as we were heading there I cried.
  • Outbursts of tears watching a movie with Evan. We watched ‘abominable?’ This weekend went. Well…20 minutes later I could speak again and not just sob. Safe to say, I’ll be giving Disney movies a miss the next few weeks.

Off the top of my head, I can’t recall any other glaringly bad examples (but I’m sure Dennis could share plenty) but it helps me to acknowledge my current behaviour – not that it will necessarily improve immediately – but at least being conscious enough of, I can apologise later (be pre-warned this will probably involve more tears).

Feeling like I’m probably on the top end of the high maintenance scale currently but what can you do?

How help

If your partner is looking for ideas to help ease you through these turbulent times, here are a few ideas:

1. If she asks for something, what she means is she wanted it 5 minutes ago. so, don’t finish doing what you’re doing, just stop immediately.

2. Don’t make her feel bad about her behaviour. She has no more control over her hormones than you do. Trust my, she already feels pretty rubbish.

3. Make sure she takes time for herself. Maybe, help with this? Run her a bath, cook the dinner, encourage her to go read her book.

4. Just listen and agree. Yep, we both know she’s being a tad unreasonable (she probably knows it too), but, whatever you do, do NOT say that.

5. Reassure her. Everything has changed. Her body, mood, emotions, she can no longer sleepy, like me she may still have ongoing sickness. Try, to reassess her of your affection. Hold her hand, tell her how lovely she looks, that you love her.

Now, it’s time for you to share some of your finest moments! I can’t wait to hear all about your antics too. Or at least reassure me that I’m not too terrible!

10 thoughts on “I’ve morphed into a monster – thanks hormones!

  1. I haven’t been pregnant yet but I could imagine how hard it is to control temper with hormones! I’m a very sensitive woman who most times have worst days before I get my period (yes, almost always around that time 😂) and I know it’s not even at half of what women undergo during pregnancy. This is why we’re so strong! Be kind to yourself always, thank you for sharing this. You’re doing great. 😊 xx

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  2. Oh, I remember this well. For me, it only got worse the closer it got to the due date and when I went overdue … well that’s another story! Congratulations on the pregnancy and keep your head up. It’ll all be worth it x

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