How to creatively announce you’re pregnant

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! Bet you can’t wait to share this amazing news.

I know when we found out both times around we were so eager to start shouting it to the world. But who do you tell first? And, how is the right way to do this?

Upon reflection, there are many more imaginative ways to share this joyous news. Here’s a run-through of what we did and 10 more creative ideas on how you can share the news.

Telling the Dad

I was most excited to tell Dennis! With Evan, he was there and we shared in finding out together, however with my second pregnancy I found out on my own and wanted to create a special way of telling him. Of course, it is paramount he knew straight away, being the Dad and all!

As we already had Evan at this time, it was really important to me, that he was part of this moment as it affected us all! I decided to opt for a getting a T-Shirt printed for Evan to wear announcing that he was going to become a big brother. With Evan modelling this his attire, we just had to wait for the Dennis to notice. It didn’t take long! As soon as he stepped through the door he was greeted by a ‘Dadddddddddy’ and Evan hurtling his body towards him for a full pelt. Even with all that going on he saw the message and whilst embracing all of the sticky kisses and squeezes he asked ‘is this true?’ and embraced me also into the BEST family cuddle.

Telling close family and friends

First thing you need to do is decide when to tell them and then how! This is such a personal decisions, some couples cannot contain their excitement and will tell them straight away, whilst other will wait until the’ve had their 12 week scan. For me, personally I told my Mum and Sister straight away and Dennis was the same. It was too much excitement for us to contain.

I have seen some amazing ideas and ways to tell those nearest and dearest to you. Mrs Hinch recently shared a clip of her telling her Dad via a zoom quiz, which celebrity couple is expecting? – and when it came to the answers she stood up and showed her bump. I wish we had thought outside of the box more with this one. What with lockdown rules and limitations on seeing people we decided to use Evan in his T-Shirt again as a way to share our news.

Telling the world

Personally, I love posting pictures on social media, Instagram especially. I see it as my photo album and a way to achieve my memories. As well as allowing others a glimpse into my world. However, you may be more private and choose to skip this step.

So, in true Instagram style, I posted a picture! You may think okay…you took some gorgeous picture and put it out there to the world. But, let me tell you, it did not go that well for us. In keeping with the above theme, it was key that Evan shares the news of him becoming a big brother. So we had our scan, bought some baby grows, put Evan back in his new T-Shirt and tried to coax into smiling and showing the first image of his younger sibling.

This is what we ended up with…

So as you can see my creativity was not shining through but these moments but they were still special to us and our loved ones and will be treasured memories, so no matter how you decide to share the news it will be perfect!

Some more creative ideas

But, to help with making these moments more memorable, here are some creative ideas for you to consider:

Send a photo/postcard – you can set the picture up any way you choose that suits your family dynamic and then snap the shot.

Put it in a quiz – Thank you Mrs Hinch for this lovely idea. It’s playful and can be used in any situation, whether you are in a global pandemic or not.

Though a gift – Could you imagine being given a gift saying ‘Nanna’ or ‘Granddad’, so this could be a picture, mug, keyring – it not only promotes your parents but gives them a keepsake they can cherish. Whilst, allowing them to relive the memory every time they see or use their gift.

Tie it in with an occasion – example – if you’re announcing at near Christmas you send share the news via a card or even send a gift with a picture or message on a bauble.

Use clothing – like us it could be the other children wearing the news proudly, something for you with a message saying ‘mum in training, ‘baby loading’ etc. Or for your partner. Either way, it offers a long term keepsake for you to treasure.

Turn it into an activity – I’m a big fan of creating interaction or a game as a way to share the news. For this idea, you could put hints around the house and then use riddles to locate and find the answers. Not only is this fun, but seeing the penny drop when they realise is priceless!

Get it personalised – So in my family we all love a glass of wine, so in retrospect this would of been a great idea…but you buy personalised wine bottle labels. I know you can’t drink with them but there is nothing to stop everyone else from having a glass and toasting this joyful news.

Wrap your pregnancy test and gift it – Of course, make sure it is clean, but this could be a one of memorable gift when looking to tell your partner. Maybe, not appropriate when tell others but I know I showed Dennis to ‘prove’ it was real and this does that.

Jigsaw – Get yourself on Etsy and get a personalised messaged made into a jigsaw. We’re in lockdown…this not only shares the news but also offers a nice past time. Plus once it has been complete it could be framed as lovely keepsake to look back at in years to come.

Clothing – If like me you like the personalised clothing – why not get one for the grandparents or dad to be? There are so many small business making these nowadays too and can personalise them however you want…so get shopping.

I’d love to hear how you announced your pregnancy? or, if you have alternative ideas for you to share.

15 thoughts on “How to creatively announce you’re pregnant

  1. Such simple and cute ideas to share the big news. I love including family and the element of surprise. Perfect post for those looking for ideas.

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    1. Oh I’d of loved to do that and announce with all of our nearest and dearest together.. I don’t imagine it was easy but sounds such a lovely way to tell every one.
      He’s a character! It’ll be a picture that gets revisited for his 18th

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  2. Love these ideas! So creative. We announced our first with a little stop-motion video we made at our college campus (my husband and I met in college). We had a pair of Michigan baby shoes that “walked themselves” around the ground at the center of our college, and we also drew with chalk on the ground to show her expected due date. We kept it more simple with my second with a custom t-shirt 🙂

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  3. Great read…

    We did a photo shoot and I wore pink which i hate lol, And gave my son who was 10 months a very girly balloon and pinned a pink baby on board. So we tied in our gender reveal in with the baby announcement… You know the covid19 lockdown times…

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