How to create a dream bedroom for your toddler

It is finally time. My first baby is moving from his cot into a big boy bed and new bedroom. I am in mixed emotions about this chapter as it really reinforces that he is growing up and no longer my little baby but a little boy now. 

As you’ll know and appreciate there is a lot of change for Evan to go through currently, as we are also preparing for our newest family addition due in April. I spoke previously about how all this change had worried me and the steps we’ve been taking as a family to make all these changes exciting for Evan and to best transition him. 

So to keep you all updated we have now had a complete reshuffle around with all our bedrooms and have now started the process of creating this new space for our little man. In keeping with Evan’s favourite toys and his imagination, we have decided to use a theme of superhero’s and Marvel characters to make this new room completely his. 

And, I’m going to share with you all how we are going to make this perfect space and the design process we are using that will ensure we don’t have to redo the decorating again for years to come. 

This is what we started with.

Starting space

Steps on how to design and implement the perfect toddler bedroom that will last them years.

Plan ahead

By coming up with a plan around themes and furniture you will be able to maximise the effort you make now into something that will last. We’ve decided not to buy toddler furniture but a full adult set in a walnut effect. By doing this we won’t need to be changing the furniture With every further redecoration project. Also, it means that as our child grows the furniture will be sufficient to support this and again we won’t be needed to buy new furniture in the relatively short term. 

Of course, as we all know, children’s interests change as do their needs. This, of course, means to an extent their bedroom will always be an on-going process however it is possible to keep these changes and tweaks to a minimum if you follow these steps. 

Consider the paint you use

It is so vital to consider the type of paint you use. you might be under the impression that paint is paint and you just need to choose the colour. I know that was my thought process at one point. However, my fiancé and father to my children is a decorator and he educated me that there is more to this than just that. 

Think about your long term plans and how often you truly want to be redecorating. if like us, the answer is not that often, buy paint that will last, wear and is easy to clean. We all know that children make a mess, they may draw on the walls, spill their juice, wipe grubby hands over everything they can reach. We use Dulux Diamond as it offers not only durability in the colour but it is hard-wearing so you’ll be able to clean those walls as and when needed without this impacting on the paint you’ve applied.

Then it is considering the colours – painted calls have the ease of offering a quicker way to redecorate in the future than having to strip and re-paper the room each time. We love colour in our house and see it as an extension of our personalities within our home. So, as my partner would say don’t be scared of colour. You can use it and it still is stylish and tasteful. The best way is to look around and gain inspiration from others. I love scouring Pinterest for decor and colour ideas. Also, another hint thing to consider is how versatile is the colour. If you choose something versatile you can always change your soft furnishing to give the room a new lease of life without having to completely start afresh. 

Feature wall

You may not want the whole room to be one block colour – that is fine, especially when it is for a small human – where the visual aesthetic is huge. We have wooden panelling across the wall in our toddlers’ room which adds depth and character to his space, but there are always options of a different colour on one wall, decorative paper, murals or even wall stickers. Let’s be honest a lot of children’s decor can be really busy – so remember less is more. You do not need this across all 4 walls just pick one and make that the focus. Another option is using stencils and painting them directly on to the wall of choice. 

Feature wall and paint used


The next thing to consider is the flooring and what will be most appropriate for you. For us, we’ve opted to move from hardwood flooring to carpets when we move Evan into this room. The reason being, as this will be his first time in a big boy bed it offers him a softer landing if he was to roll out of bed. Secondly, it gives off a cosy vibe and helps keeps noise to a minimum for those downstairs when those little feet are running wild and causing their usual mayhem. The downside, however, it cleaning. I expect spills to happen and possibly even the odd toileting accident to happen. But in these instances, it is important that we clean ASAP to prevent staining and smells in the future. 

Of course, carpet isn’t for everyone – you’re child may suffer from allergies – and in these cases, a hard flooring would be more suitable. This is offered an alternative that is easier to clean. Your options could be vinyl or laminate. If you opt for hard flooring you may want to consider rugs to add that warmth and texture into the room. 

With whatever flooring you choose again choose something that will remain versatile and will be able to long-lasting. 


Now you know your theme, items of furniture, wall colours – you now need to plan the room out. Especially if you’re needing new furniture it is important that it will all fit and you’ve still got enough space for all essential play. If you’re finding this challenging due to the size of your space there are alternative solutions you could consider – such as raised beds with built-in storage underneath. Clever toy storages solutions, stackable shelves to fit within the wardrobes – the options are endless. 

Reading corner

When we are considering a toddler’s room you also need to consider not just the essentials but also all the extras that you’re child will want in their too. For us, we love stories and reading together, so we needed to have a cosy reading area within this room. 


Now that all the big decisions have been made it is now all about considering how to dress the room. By now you’ll see the room is still relativity basic so it is down to these touches to transform this from a room into a magical space that will spark our children’s imaginations.

Wall decor

As I mentioned we chose Marvel superhero’s for our theme and due to wanting to keep the theme easily interchangeable as our child grew, we opted to use hanging pictures and bunting throughout the room. We also picked a brightly coloured duvet cover, cushions and throws to add to the theme. With these as the the brighter the colours the better as this is a way to capture the excitement of our child.

Video tour

I hope this has given you inspiration and ideas. I’d love to hear about how you’ve decorated your children’s rooms.

9 thoughts on “How to create a dream bedroom for your toddler

  1. Kids room are so much fun! I am looking forward to working on my daughters room once we move. Right now we can’t paint or decorate so it’s kind of plain.

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  2. I hope your little boy likes his room. Recently we are going to shift to a new place and my son is very much excited to have his own room. I would definitely keep in mind your tips while decorating it for him.


  3. This turned out so adorable! We recently redid my sons’ bedroom with a combination of Disney characters. They have a reading nook too! Super cute!

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