Why To Use Package Mix When Baking With A Toddler

Ever compare yourself to Mary Poppins and think you’re not doing enough? I certainly have and it wore me down.

In reality however, my son won’t remember if we baked from scratch on every occasion, if he had shop bought cookies to decorate or ones I made.

All he will remember in the years to come is that we were present and we spent the time and made the memories together!!

Of course, if you have the skill, talent and desire to bake from scratch please don’t feel like I’m discouraging you against it. But, not all mums (me included) hold this skill in our locker. And, if you are like me, don’t be too harsh on yourself…there are corners to be cut so we too can share in these activities with our little ones!

Last time I attempted to bake from scratch with my toddler this happened!

Baking disaster – image of a very messy kitchen

Normally I would bypass package mixes but upon reflection what did I gain. A lot of stress, more cleaning to add to the never ending list…so why not make life easier and more enjoyable.

The great thing with these mixes are they require very little baking know how and if your children follow guidance they will be able to almost independently complete the steps needed.

So with that in mind we gave it a go!

There were so many benefits. Instantly he was engaged as he got to choose the package mix that peaked his interest.

The steps were easy to follow and this allowed me to keep his attention throughout all steps easily. This of course made it more enjoyable for us both.

And lastly, they looked and tasted good! I’m no food critic but for what we wanted to accomplish I was pretty happy.

Image of cupcakes

Do you have any ‘cheat’ tips that make parenting that little easier? I’d love more inspirations of activities we can both part take in enjoyably.

8 thoughts on “Why To Use Package Mix When Baking With A Toddler

    1. That makes me happy to know, that I’m not to only one you struggled with baking too. I don’t know I made my own life so difficult 🙈 I really wish I’d realised how handy these were sooner. Now to test out all the other varieties 😋

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    1. I know, I’m so late to realising this 🙈 it’s changed our baking attitude now! I’ll be buying more when I’m next out.
      Oh i was pouring the tube of sprinkles out on the counter and floor for me – think we managed the whole bake with no little fingers entering the mix


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