Salt Dough Crafts

Discovering ways to occupy and entertain a toddler can be tough. It’s easy to exhaust your favourite toddler activities. Particularly as I’m not an overly crafty or creative Mum naturally. That said however, I want to be. I just lack some of the know how.

So when I receive beautiful handmade gifts from my son, that his Nan and Auntie helped him make, for Mother’s Day, I knew I had to try harder and so he could use his creativity and find his interests, whether that be card making, crafting or baking – I wanted to support it all.

Of course, as the responsible adult in charge and my son being 2, we had to remember to keep this within a realistic capability range for my part.

So, what better way to do that than salt dough. It’s super easy to make. 3 household ingredients:

  • 2 cups of plain four
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup warm water

Then mix together. Make your salt dough design and put in the over at 180 for 1-2 hours depending upon the thickness of salt dough creation.

Once baked leave it cool completely. Once done you can then set your little one loose to decorate and creative their masterpiece.

The tremendous part of this particular activity is that it dabbles in different creative areas allowing you and your child to find and experience different creative pastimes. You’ve done basic baking together to make the dough, you’ve honed your design skills making your salt dough creation and then you’ve marvelled at there skill in painting.

Even a toddler (like mine) with a short attention span, will get caught up in all of the different activities, senses and enjoyment this brings.

Painting time

The other amazing thing is. It is so versatile. We are fo salt dough crafts to make a Mother’s Day creations for his grandmothers but you can adapt it to any occasion.

Even 10 little fingers can’t count the ways I love you plaque

For example at Christmas you could make decorations for your tree, for Easter you could make and paint bunnies as either 2D shapes or 3D characters. For world book day you could make the characters – the options are endless.

9 thoughts on “Salt Dough Crafts

  1. Salt dough is amazing! We did this as kids with my mom and I’m hoping to do it with my own littles soon. Love the pics you shared, too! Super sweet!

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