Easter Crafts and Activities

Happy Easter! I started this post weeks ago! But, in the Easter spirit it’s better late than never.

Easter is fast approaching and our household is now isolating due to Covid 19. This means one things, we have a 2 year old to keep entertained within the confinement of the same 4 walls. As every parent knows there are some days where you haven’t got the enthusiasm to go full out and do salt dough creations or turn you house into a fort, so alternative entertainments are required.

Here are some ideas of easy activities you can to do help break your days up and keep them busy and out of mischief.

Biscuit Decorating

There are many activities that you can with a toddler and some require a lot more effort (and potential mess) than others. I love this particular activity as it consists of items that I tend to keep at home and offers a quick set up that both you and your child can enjoy. All you need are biscuits of any variety, icing sugar and some sprinkles or chocolate shavings. You can even buy remade sets if these aren’t items that you tend to keep in . With Easter fast approaching we actually bought a Easter themes set or gingerbread shaped egg biscuits, icing sugar and multi-coloured sprinkles.

Of course, now that we are having to remain at home we will be repeating this activity will biscuits we have in and potentially may even attempt to make our own – thankfully I’ve stocked up on pre-made baking packs to help with this.

Make Easter Bunny Stamps And Paint Pictures Or Cards

Normal painting with a toddler can go one of two ways. It can either be filled with laughter and joy, or it can results in your child be fairly un-interested and more mess being created than was worth the hassle. Which is why I love stamp painting. All you have to do it make the stamp, put the paint on a plate or tray and leave them to dip the stamp in the paint and press it on the paper or card you have. It’s minimal effort to set up, limited mess options (although this will depend on how many colours of paints you choose – we limited our colour options) and offers a great pass time that gives you long term keep sakes and art work to look fondly back at.

6 thoughts on “Easter Crafts and Activities

  1. I love your craft ideas. The bunny out of paper rolls is genius. How cute!! The smile on your little one says it all.


  2. Wow what a great idea ! I am not crafty at all and this is something I feel like I can do with my daughter ! Thank you for sharing !


    1. Completely my fault as I published so late. I was kept quite distracted by my toddler..hopefully you’ll find other ways to test these ideas out. Happy Easter


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