A toddlers day out – Peppa Pig World – our experience

Back in October 2020 we took a family staycation to the New Forest for a week. One of our days our revolved around making Evan’s dream come true by visiting Southampton’s Paultons Park – the only home of Peppa Pig World.

We went partway through the Coronavirus pandemic and to ensure access (due to the limited number of admissions) I made sure to book in advance. This also secures you a discount, so if you and planning a day out definitely book beforehand! Along with securing our tickets I also booked a stroller for the day – this turned out to be a well worth investment as little legs would struggle with the distance needed for walking. Plus the car-like features added to the excitement and allowed us to entice Evan to be pushed around, preserving his energy. Let’s be honest who wants a tired grumpy toddler if it can be avoided!

Living in the midlands, this wasn’t a place we had visited before and I can honestly say it offered the best toddlertastic day out, a 2-year-old boy could have ever dreamed of. Even as a parent (who is not always Peppa’s biggest fan!) I can appreciate how truly magical this place is.

As you walk under the Peppa Pig sign you get transported within the very set of the TV show. The iconic theme tune playing and all the well-known characters on display all add to the overall experience. From this very moment Evan’s excitement for the day shot up. He didn’t know where to look or what he wanted to do first.

I was super impressed with just how toddler friendly Peppa Pig World was. There were height restrictions in place, but as Evan was over 85cm he could go on ALL rides. The only exception was George’s dinosaur adventure ride which he had to comprise on and share his dino pal with Daddy. Along with offering a tremendous variety of toddler-friendly rides, Peppa Pig world also includes access to George’s indoor space zone indoor play area (which unfortunately was closed for us), a muddy puddles water splash park and Mr Potato’s outdoor play area. Whilst enjoying all the park has to offers, Peppa and George also leave their family home to nip out to say hello to all the boys and girls as well offering the chance to get a quick picture with these famous pigs.

A review

The rides – All of the rides were perfect for Evan and barring Georges dinosaur ride were suitable for all ages. They spun, bounced and some went surprisingly high in the air but nothing that phased Evan in the slightest. all of the rides followed the theme exceptionally, with no details missed. We did encounter some long queues for some of the rides…which can offers challenges with a toddler, but you can always download the Paultons Park App and it advises of wait times so you can somewhat plan around this.

Food – Throughout the park, there are lots of different stalls and restaurants dotted about with a variety of cuisines to choose from. Although, you could always take a picnic as the there was an abundance of benches, tables and lovely gardens that you could sit within if you preferred.

Toilets and baby changing facilities – this to me was above any expectation I could have had. It was well maintained and perfectly clean. There were numerouse toilet facilities dotted (with additional features such a toddler toilet seats that fitted on the adult seat) about as well as also offering a completely separate building purely for baby feeding and changing.

Price – so the great news is that the likelihood is your toddler will be free! Any child under 1 metre has free entry. The general price for this day out is very much in line with all other theme parks and if you do plan on going, definitely book in advance and save those extra pounds.

I know that a day surrounded with Peppa Pig may not be every parent ideal day out but I can say, hand on heart, that it is truly special and an experience to have. We all had a wonderful time and there is no reason for anyone to be left at the side lines (unless pregnant like me). It is offers an infectious atmosphere and we all got into the day spotting the different characters, waving at Peppa and George and bringing the experience to life. I would definitely recommend this outing to anyone if you’re looking for fun filled, toddler friendly day out.

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