DIY Afternoon Tea

Prior to Covid 19 I wasn’t really one for thinking out of the box. But, since that turned the world upside down and changed each of our every-days, I have found there are plenty, and possibly, more meaningful ways to show appreciation and make time at home special and personal.

And, of course these can be applied to all events like birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Fathers day, Valentine’s Day to Christmas.

With that in mind I thought I’d share how we created a beautiful and fun afternoon tea in the comfort of home to celebrate Mother’s Day.

It is really straight forward and easy to do. You can, of course, make it even more special by making the baked goods yourself or if you prefer (which I did) you can buy the items from the supermarket or local baker – remember it’s the thought that counts so if baking isn’t your strong point cheat and let someone else do it! From experience it doesn’t take away moment.

So How To Set Up Afternoon Tea

1. Get a tea set or china. I am very fortunate as I was given a beautiful china tea set, but if you don’t have one, you will need to either buy or hire one. I find that if you’re looking to complete a classic afternoon tea, china is the way forward but you can pick them up easily enough in charity shops or thrift shops. It doesn’t have to necessarily match. A mix and match vibe can still be really effective.

2. Pick your sweet and savoury treats. The best part of making your own afternoon tea is that you can indulge in all of your personal favourites.


3. Create the setting. I find that afternoon tea is more than just having a cuppa and a slice of cake. It’s about feeling transported into this bubble of relaxation, good conversation, delicious food and you find that it’s more about the whole experience. With that in mind, think about the extra, the decor, flowers, tea lights – the little twinkle really does make the difference.

Cakes and tea lights

4. Placement. So now all the hard work is done. You just need to set the table. It is worth when doing this thinking about what you want to draw the eye too. Also, less can be more. Remember, you don’t have to lay out every item – the kitchen is only a few steps away if you need extra later.

Afternoon tea

I’d love to hear about your diy afternoon tea treats. What are your favourite items to include?

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