What To Put In Your Christmas Eve Box

Whether you are new to this concept or it is one of your yearly family traditions, you want it to be special.

This the first time we have chosen to do a Christmas eve box…or as I have rebranded it a ‘Christmas box’.

Whether you are choosing to give it on December 1st, like me, or on the 24th the magic behind this box is the same.

Your goal and sole focus is on creating and setting light to the magic of Christmas and all that this festive period brings.

Why Do A Christmas Box

Although the idea may be a new concept to when we were children, it is just building on those past times. When you think of Christmas do you remember family times? Traditions? Certain food?

The Christmas box is setting the scene for all of this. Think of it as an agenda of all that you and the children will be doing on the lead up the Christmas day.

It could be a fun filled Christmas eve or taken over the whole month. But this box is the key to those memories being made and what your kids will remember.

What Goes In A Christmas Eve Box

Although this will vary from one child to another, budget and age there are some items that have become a staple in all Christmas boxes. These include:

  • Festive pyjamas
  • Festive story
  • Movie
  • Snacks

Outside of these depends on you and your household. With other items including items such as:

  • Decorate your own gingerbread house
  • Ornament decorating
  • Colouring books
  • Stuffed toys
  • Snow globes
  • Christmas jumpers
  • Bath bombs
  • Festive duvet sets
  • A festive film
  • Christmas game or scavenger hunt

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